Hi, I’m Zach. I like bicycles, bitcoin, camping, cooking, cryptography, surfing, sailing, reading, rhetoric, writing, wordpress, thinking, traveling, and living life as a free man. This site is my resume and autobiography. I’d like to take a moment here for a personal statement and to directly address you, the reader. First off, thank you kindly for taking the time to read this, I really do appreciate it. Secondly, I’d like to say that if you’d like to contact me for any reason, don’t hesitate to do so. It’s always cool to interact with new people and take on new challenges. I’ll be your writer when you need content written, your Bitcoin expert when you need a speaker, your developer when you need a website put up, and your friend when you need someone to lean on. I love helping people reach their goals and learning in the process.

Generally, my favorite thing to do is read and learn. My favorite thing to learn about is technology: hardware and software, programs and protocols. I’ve been into technology since a very young age. It’s absolutely fascinating to think of the emergent properties that can come from soldering electrical components to silicone and stringing 1’s and 0’s together in the proper order. It’s even more amazing to think that we can create levels of abstraction on top of those 1’s and 0’s, that we create whole languages of human comprehensible code that compile down into machine comprehensible actions. If you think understanding HTML/CSS is difficult, then imagine the sheer difficulty of writing and reading raw machine code. I doubt that there’s more than a few people worldwide that could do it.

I’m inspiried by language. Language can inspire emotion, it can inspire connection, and it’s one of the strongest influences on the world around you. I love that with the proper diction you can precisely express ideas and even emotions. It’s truly fascinating to find a word that has an associated emotional experience, and to understand that emotional experience, without having an equivalant term in your own native language. My favorite example of this is the Portuguese word ‘Saudade.’ Saudade is the word for an intense longing for something or someone that may never return, there is no word that is exactly equal to it in English. This word is one of the main reasons that I think coming to understand a language and how the language shapes the speakers world is an absolutely beautiful thing.

I love to create. Every single day of my life I’m attempting to string together otherwise distant and abstract thoughts into unified, cohesive wholes. My creative process draws on everything around me, everything I’ve ever seen, heard, touched, or felt has a chance of inspiring new work everyday. With the right team, I love creative collaboration and seeing the possibilities that can result from it. Bringing something from raw idea to picture perfect production is awe inspiring, and I take every chance I can to do so. So if you want to work with me to make something awesome, I’m right here. That said, thanks once again for reading this, and for visiting my site, I hope you like what you see, and I look forward to working with you soon.

I’m Zachary Silva, I hope to be your next creative collaborator. Let’s create something awesome together.