I Got Rejected Last Week Why I'm Happy It Happened

I was rejected last week, but I’m happy it happened.

For a while I’ve fancied a few girls, and at the beginning of last month I decided to go for it with one of them in particular. I thought. Then I thought some more. Then I talked to a few of her friends. I asked them some questions. Then I sent her flowers and another gift with a poem a month later. Then the next day after that arrived, in a cathartic moment I was kindly let down.

Now you may be asking why was I so happy about being rejected? I had spent time, energy, thought, and money on doing this after all. There’s many reasons that I was perfectly content. Firstly I proved to myself that I was alive. That I could take a bold proactive step into something where I didn’t control the outcome but still proceed anyway; while not caring about the results either way. Kind of like screaming my name out on the subway, but in a more controlled fashion.

Beyond that, regardless of the end answer received, I captured the attention and appreciation of an individual I hold much personal and professional respect for. That alone is worth it. Rather than make a gesture with a bias towards it creating a set of results, it was kindness for the sake of being kind, and the fact that it was appreciated is all I could ask for.

Finally, outside of everything else, I got an answer to a question I wanted to ask for a long time. That fact in and of itself is relieving. She took a day to think and then texted me. It just so happened that in this case the answer is no.

Oh well. At least I was able to ask the question. I wonder what the answer will be from the person I ask next.–

Sharing My Successes A New Resolution For A New Year

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking of what I could resolve to do in this new year that would have serious meaning for myself, others, and the world. I’ve been doing this while listening to music in my awesome room in the awesome building I’m living/working in that’s in the greatest city on earth, and one song I’ve been listening to called “Jet Plane” really hit a chord with me. The whole song is largely resonant with what I want to do this year, and that goal is: Share my successes.

“I woke up early in the morning feeling very strong, very happy that the crew was sipping Perignon, the private jet is waiting ready for your carry-on, we’re going away but not for very long.”

I’m thankful for the fact that I’ve had in my life already, and met people likeAdam and Josh who inspire me almost everyday to do better and more. I’m already definitively achieving my dreams, all I have to do now is follow through.

That said, I want my friends to be able to achieve theirs, and for me to be able to share my successes with them as they achieve their dreams and are able to share their successes with me. To that end, I want to get closer to whoever feels like being close to me, and I want to mentor others so they too can achieve what they’re capable of and aspire to do.

I’ve done at least a bit of mentoring in the past year, and I’m proud to see friends like Jacob, Grant, Justice, Bree, Austin, Heather, Ryan, Erik, Koda,Lee, Christopher, Lucy and others doing better than ever while putting in the hard work to achieve their dreams. That’s without even mentioning my awesome family, Dominic, who’s cooking up a storm, Daniel, who’s on his way to winning the World Series of Poker, Christopher Pepe, who’s on his way to becoming an awesome activist lawyer, and Jonathan Pepe, who just scored a sick new job. Congrats guys, keep improving, all of you, even if you haven’t been tagged.

That’s not enough though, I want to see all of my friends doing better, and significantly better at that. So if you’ve felt lonely, if you’ve felt like you need some direction, and/or if there’s anything at all I can do for you to help, feel free to reach out to me. I’m here for you for practically whatever you may end up needing from me this year. Right now I am committing myself to formally and thoroughly mentoring at least three people throughout this year, possibly more if I can work out the time. If you want to reach out to me and become a closer friend, and/or get mentored, let me know and I will dedicate at least one hour each week to talking with you and seeing how we can work together towards a more prosperous year and future for you.

Happy New Year everyone. May 2016 be the best year for you yet.

The Media Is Not Omniscient

This may come as a shock to some, but the media is not omniscient. It’s not omnipotent either, so you can forget about that. “The media,” or its more specific incarnation “mainstream media” aren’t even real things. The collective storytellers of humankind are not part of a singular distinct entity.  The media, the press, the paparazzi, whatever you’ll call them are a class of people. Continue reading The Media Is Not Omniscient

Libertarian Party of Florida: Senate Seat Struggle Part 1.

Coming soon to a political theater near you:
Nazis! Animal Sacrifice! A walk from Orlando to the Mojave. The unconquerable sun god has returned to conquer Rubio’s Senate seat. Will he make it to judgement day? Or will a Stone thrown in get in the way? Find out more on the next episode of “Libertarian Party of Florida: Senate Seat Struggle.”

Primary Election, 2016

My 2016 primary predictions:

1. Donald Trump releases a book and drops out. I’m uncertain what happens first.

2. Bernie Sanders becomes the Ron Paul of the Democratic party. Ends up as populist hero that misses nomination and inspires strong student movement.

Republican Nominee: Jeb Bush
(Maybe, but unlikely: Carson.)

Democratic Nominee: Hillary Clinton.
(Possible, but unlikely: Joe Biden.)

Bonus points to Trump if he goes it alone and makes a movie.

The Art of Political Posting–
Part One: Avoiding Alienation.

It’s election season again and I’m beginning to notice that more and more of you have political opinions now, and you’re expressing them more too compared to prior cycles. Well, the fact that you guys care more about politics than ever is great. I want you to continue participating in the political process, I want you to be effective advocates, and most importantly I want you win friends and truly influence people. Continue reading The Art of Political Posting–
Part One: Avoiding Alienation.

On The Illuminati:

I haven’t become big enough of a public figure to be accused of being Illuminati yet, but when that day comes I’ll probably laugh and take it as a compliment. Historically, the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. The society’s goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power. If you’ve got a problem with those goals then I really don’t know what to say to you.