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/r/Politics Senate Seat Struggle AMA

Hey there readers of /r/Politics and anyone else that’s checking this out. I’m Zachary Silva, and this is me verifying myself for the Reddit community by providing proof on my blog here. As you can see in the featured image, I’m subjecting myself to the questions of /r/Politics. As you can see from the domain name here, and the images provided, I am who I say I am. For those of you that want more background on me that’s here too.

Me At The State Fair With Lucas Overby, 2014 Congressional Candidate.

I first became politically interested and active when I was fourteen, with a heavily progressive leaning. I come from a fairly liberal and active family in both of the Americas, North and South. On my mother’s side, my family is very heavily involved with Democratic politics and charitable causes here in the USA, and on my father’s side in Brazil, many of my family members are active in social and political action. 

At various points through high school I identified as anarchist, communist, and socialist, while being fairly anti-establishment throughout. I was, and still am concerned about corporate welfare, LGBTQ+ rights, harm reduction focused drug policy, access to education, human trafficking, poverty, food access, and many more issues. Personally, I’m primarily focused on and interested in technology and privacy issues though. My concerns for all of these issues and the people they affect have not faded, however, the means by which I would like to see them addressed have.

I became a libertarian when I took economics, it made me think about my fundamental values, and the feasibility of efficiently accomplishing broad social and economic goals with central planning. As I learned more about economics I became highly interested in the libertarian philosophy, and particularly two economic concepts stressed in it: Spontaneous Order, and Knowledge Theory. These ideas go hand in hand, knowledge theory says that it’s difficult for anyone, and governments in particular, to have total knowledge because it’s decentralized and scattered through society, spontaneous order says that people will naturally come together and apply their unique knowledge to the tasks they’re best suited to without needing to have any central authority tell them to. These two concepts power wikipedia, the most comprehensive encyclopedia ever, and knowledge theory directly inspired it.

Currently I am serving on the National Platform Committee, and the Florida Platform Committee, so I have a pretty broad knowledge of the platform and the principles. I also produce social media content for the national party. I’m an agnostic-atheist and a rational scientific skeptic, so my answers and use of sources will reflect that. That said, ask away everyone.

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